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MeloDuende handmade guitars. 

Our guitars are fully customisable with different options to provide you with an unique and personalised instrument. 

Guitar bodies and bracings are  made with aeronautical grade aluminium. The bridge and neck bracing are specially designed to enhance and increase the guitar’s sustain.

This specific alloy enhances note definition and clearer high end frequencies. It also prevents any disturbance of the guitar pickup's magnetic field. No risk of interference or hum, even with single coils.

 Several body finish options are available : Brushed aluminium, various colours, varnishes and anodic coatings , with or without relic finishes.

Meloduende only use the best top quality components in order to provide you with an instrument of the highest possibility playability and quality.

To sum it up a, the unique timbre of a Meloduende guitar results from the unique matching of different aluminium alloys and woods combined with our patented bracing system.


The following table shows the characteristics of Dir-T model (available for left-handed and right handed versions).

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Body Hollow body - Aluminium 6061-handmade
Aluminium bracing "Duende" system, "Dir-T" finish.
Neck Warmoth® all mapple, 22 frettes (6105), Black inlays, radius 7,25, standard profil
Scale 25.5
Pickups Bare knuckle ® "Brown Sugar"
Bridge/tailpiece Gotoh chrome.
tuning keys Kluson
Electronics Potard CTS 250 k, volume with treeble bleed + tone, switch 3 way, orange drop capacitors
Accessories Strap locks Schaller® chrome
Nut Bone

hard case Boblen®







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