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All of our instruments comprise high-end components and are manufactured by hand in our workshop located in the Côte d'Or region of France.



Ordering a guitar directly through the MeloDuende workshop is a uniquely different experience to purchasing an instrument in a store or online. Our Limited production capacity affords us a special relationship with each of our clients as they become a living part of the process and, ultimately, of the guitar itself. Deciding on the configuration that defines your custom is not simply a box-ticking exercise: with MeloDuende Guitars, the client manufacturer relationship is a of paramount importance to the process.

As you can see from our Customized page, there really is no limit to the customization possibilities - to the point where each and every instrument is given a name (by you).


Culture Custom VS standard:

In the world of the guitar, the term "custom" is banded about a lot. You 'll even find "custom" guitars that comprise just the basics !

MeloDuende rule#1: Each custom guitar must be unique !

MeloDuende Rule #2: Always abide by Rule#1 !



MeloDuende prices start at €1890, so your instrument can be customized using high-end hardware for the price of an idustrial standard. Remember, each piece is  hand in our workshop in France!

On average, the prices of our instruments, whether Custom or original, range between €2500-3500. Should you have any questions realtings to prices, do not hesitate to contact us as we will gladly provide a comprehensive quote.

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Generally, custom shops merely offer a product: they make you fill out a purchase order and the instrument is dispatched a few months later. The wait is long and the opportunity to interact with or possibly change the configuration and assembly remains thin or non-existent. In summary: it lacks dialogue !!

For us the MeloDuende adventure goes much further. The guitarist takes a central part in the creative process and has the ability to custom configure their particular requirements prior to manufacture. In order to keep engaged with their custom, they receive (almost in real time) photo and/or video via email.

In summary: the guitarist is an integral player in the Meloduende creative process because, most importantly, it exists to create their own unique instrument. Of course, this personal and collaborative relationship is not something one often experiences when dealing with some large distributors.


Design and the creative process:

Once we have agreed upon a well-defined project, we will create and share with you a 3D preview - a visual plan of your instrument's design.

This Process provides a clear idea of the future custom build before it is manufactured and allows us to be creative, in an infinitely theoretical sense, when coming up with new coneptual ideas.


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On average, from confirmation of your order though to receipt of your guitar, the MeloDuende process takes between 7 and 8 months. However, this can sometimes vary acording to our workload and the complexity of the model.

This may seem a bit long for the impatient, but this timescale is incompressible since a MeloDuende is Handmade with the highest regard for quality. For a model in stock, the timescale for delivery is one week.



Upon completion of your order you will be asked to pay a deposit of 30% and, at the mid-point of manufacture, a further payment of 30%. The remaining balance will be payable upon delivery.

Please note that we are happy to accommodate other, mutually agreeable financial arrangements.


Methods of payment:

-By bank check (issued by a bankdomiciled in France) made payable to:

MeloDuende Guitars - 6 rue Fevret - 21140  Semur-En-Auxois - France

-By Bank transfer to:

MeloDuende guitars guitars SARL; domicile: 6 Rue fevret - 21140 Semur-En-Auxois

IBAN: FR76102780251700020243402282 


-By Paypal: effected via our email adresse: meloduende ( at ) gmail.com



Each instrument comes in a Boblen® Luxury case and the Meloduende cartificate of authenticity. We ship worlwide and work with carriers UPS, DHL and DPD.

€50 for delivery in metropolitan France (shipping + insurance)

€80 for delivery in europe (Shipping + insurance)

€150 to €200 for a delivery elsewhere in the world (shipping + insurance)



Should you require any further information, want an eccurate quote for your MeloDuende or wish to acquire a model in stock, Please contact us:

By Phone at (+33) (0)

By Email to: meloduende ( at ) gmail.com

In person, by visiting the workshop, which is open from Monday to Saturday (please contact us in advance to arrange a visit)




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