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What are the differences between a wooden guitar and an aluminium guitar?

The principles of the transference of sound through materials are based on Mass and Density.
Higher density will give a higher transference of pitch. In the case of solid and hollow body guitars we know that more porous (lower density) woods like Mahogany will sound warmer and deeper then Ash ore Maple. Maple, having a greater density than Mahogany is much brighter.

Aluminum is about 3 times denser than certain kinds of wood, bringing to our guitars, a long sustain and a very good attack and précision.

aluminum bodies are fully grounded to the bridge, strings and input jack they are as safe as the strings and bridge on any electric guitar. Aluminum also provides a complete RF shielding of the electronics making our guitars as hum canceling as physically possible.


What weight ?

The MeloDuendes have a hollow body and don’t weigh over 8 lbs. As result, they aren’t neither too light nor too heavy. The mass distribution is calculated to the nearest gram for a perfect balancing, as well sitting down as standing.


Isn’t the aluminum delicate for the maintenance?

Whether this is painted (varnished) or anodized. The easy-cleaning can be done with a soft piece of clothes and a little polishing liquid for guitars.


meloduende guitars aluminium

How to create my own Custom MeloDuende?

You just have to contact us by E-mail. Afterwards, we will analyze and study together your wishes/requests and the configuration chosen for your guitar. You will receive by e-mail an offer and a delivery time mentioning the evoked details together.


Where to buy a MeloDuende guitar?

Of course your guitar may be bought directly from our workshop. You have the choice between a delivery at your home (extra cost as per the distance home/workshop and the carrier) or coming in our workshop in Semur-en-Auxois for getting it back (on the occasion, you could take advantage of it to meet us). We are setting up some partnerships with music shops where you could also buy your MeloDuende.


What is the “Duende bracing"?

The "Duende Bracing" is a piece present into the body of the instruments. That one has as goal to do a junction between the soundboard, the Bottom deck and the neck of the instrument. This piece rigidifies the whole and so will play with the accoutics of the instrument. The MeloDuende guitars are composed with a bridge made of specific aluminum which confer them a stability, sustain and a resonance very particular.


What is the delivery time to get one MeloDuende?

Immediately for the models in stock. Otherwise, it will take 3 months at receipt of order for the original models and about from 3 to 6 months for custom model.


meloduende guitars



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