guitaristmag012015 tim mills BKP meloduende guitars

  Tim Mills (Founder of Bare Knuckle Pickups) and a MeloDuende "TACO" Bass on the final number of Guitarist&Bass Mag !!!

BBones Meloduende guitar

Bbones Especial & the butcher...

  meloduende guitars  cc shaka ponk meloduende guitars

Cc', the guitarist of Shaka Ponk, has chosen a MeloDuende Custom to pursue his musical way...
MeloBoys are really proud to built him a new custom guitar !!!


Guitarist magazine meloduende guitars

Retrouvez un article au sujet de John Butler et sa guitare meloDuende dans le Guitarist & bass de Novembre 2014...

Blackstar Meloduende guitars

This Rockin' Behemoth calls "Blackstar" Custom ...


meloduende guitars workshop

Interview des MeloBoys sur France Inter-Carnet de campagne. Pour écouter c'est ICI

The Devil May Cry ...


Manu Lanvin & The Devil Blues Live (Paris)

   meloduende guitars

Silver Fox Custom...

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