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THE DUENDE: "A mysterious and unspeakable charm"


Definition :

The Duende is an emotional response to music. Your body reacts, whether it makes you shiver, smile or cry. This Gypsy term from Andalusia describes the state of grace that is reached through musical transe.


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The first prototypes were built during the 1990’s in a precision mechanics workshop, but the MeloDuende workshop was actually launched in 2009 in the aim of producing state of the art hand-made custom guitars, designed in close association with musicians.

Ever since,  the « Meloboys » have been producing electric guitars and basses in limited numbers, and have been increasingly coveted by muicians in France and abroad.



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 Cedric (Exo7), Jérémy & Bertrand.

The concept

We weren’t interested in copying the main iconic guitar models. As musicians we prefer playing originals than covers ; although it may be fun, the creative process is much more enjoyable. We feel the same about making guitars.

The Frying Pan (Rickenbacker & Beauchamp-1932) was a catalyser to us. That first electric guitar was made out of solid aluminum, but what for ?

After many tests we discovered the interest of this alloy in crafting guitars. It’s density, 3 times more than that of ebony, drastically increases sustain, dynamic range and precision which results in a very unique tone. Moreover, aluminum being an amagnetic metal, the pickup’s magnetic field is preserved from any interference, thereby avoiding anu buzz or hum (Faraday Cage).


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Of course there is more to it than the mere use of aluminum; the construction process is essential in getting the best out of the material. Density for example must be well distributed or else can result in excessive weight. The average Melo weighs 3,5 kilos/7,7 Lbs.

Paradoxically, the wooden neck plays a capital role in the making of MeloDuende’s unique tone. While aluminum produces precise attack and long sustain, the use of wood for the neck is essential in warming and rounding the tone. That is why most Melo’s  have solid rosewood necks.

Built with an aluminum hollow body and rosewood neck, MeloDuende guitars have a unique tonal signature, a bright yet warm organic sound, combined with a sharp dynamic response and an unbelievable sustain.


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Our philosophy

We consider there is no one perfect tone, rather that each musician deserves his holy grail. To us each guitar must meet the precise needs of each musician, which is why we like to include the artist throughout the conception process.

Our guitars are built to last. They are entirely hand crafted with top quality materials, using state of the art precision mecanics and luthier knowhow.



meloduende guitars


Artists such as Shaka Ponk, Skip the Use, Eiffel, Billy F Gibbons (ZZTOP), Serge Teyssot Gay, Yodelice, Claude Whipple, Tryo, John Butler, Johnny Hallyday, Indochine, Scott Holiday (Rival Sons), etc. have already joined the « MeloClub » withe their unique custom guitars.


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